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Lisa Testa, M.S.
Holistic Nutritional Consultant

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Lisa Testa is a holistic nutritional consultant with a home office in Lincroft, New Jersey. She created her business, Healthier You, in 2008, with the desire to   share her knowledge and excitment for healthy living with others in an innovative way. 

A "No-Diet" Solution:

    Years of personal experience and observation have taught Lisa that dieting simply does not work. All types of restrictive behaviors only lead to inevitable frustration and eventual failure.  In order to truly succeed, you need to understand and believe in what you are doing! Staying on a "diet" will never work, but creating a new lifestyle and adopting healthy, balanced thinking will render results like you've never known before!
     "I always try to stress with my clients the value of understanding what I call, 'Levels of Goodness'. There are always choices that can be made, and the surest way to maintain health is by making the best choices possible that work for YOU in the moment."

Advice from someone who has tried it ALL...

    As Lisa earned her nutrition degrees, she studied countless different dietary therapies and eating mentalities that are designed to help people feel better and heal from illness. Having always battled with her weight and body image, she decided to be her own experiment and try each way of eating for a period of three months. Lisa wanted to know exactly what a potential client may expect to experience if she were to recommend a similar dietary protocol in her practice, so with an adventurous spirit, she tried and assessed vegetarianism, veganism, Ayurveda, macrobiotics, dairy-free eating, gluten-free eating, calorie-restriction, therapeutic fasting, and 100% raw, living foods. 

    Although she has personally adopted a raw foods lifestyle for the past five years, she uses pieces of every dietary mentality to develop individualized programs that are designed to meet each client right where he or she is. 

                                    o  To read more about Lisa's personal health journey, Click Here.

The Healthier You Mission:

     "My mission is and has always been to change the world, one person at a time. I strive to live what I teach, and to teach so effectively that healthy, vibrant living becomes contagious."

Disclaimer: Lisa Testa is not a medical doctor.  She is not licensed to prescribe medications, diagnose illness, or treat disease.  She is trained in Holistic Nutrition and is qualified to educate clients, offer nutritional suggestions, and perform basic lifestyle coaching.  The suggestions given are not meant to replace traditional medical care, but are solely intended as a means of wellness education.


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