Healthier You

Holistic Food Preparation Services

o   In-home whole foods meal preparation for the whole family
o   Holistic cooking lessons in your own kitchen
o   Food demonstration house parties, with recipes & tasting samples
o   Food delivery service available, upon request. 
 Lisa has been cooking holistically for her family for many years, and now offers that service to her clientele.  She will give you cooking lessons right in your own kitchen or prepare weekly meals for you and your family to enjoy.

"The key to sustaining healthy eating is to make nutritious foods taste delicious! I've found that this is a HUGE stumbling block for many clients. They hear 'healthy' and automatically think 'tasteless'.  Healthier You cuisine is anything BUT tasteless...In fact, it is so flavorful and fresh that your tastebuds AND your body will cry out for more! I truly love helping my clients learn just how delicious life can be."

o Click HERE to see a sample listing of dishes that Lisa can prepare for you!

"Dinner was DELICIOUS!! You don't know how happy I was yesterday coming home after gymnastics with the kids to just be able to serve dinner quickly! It was so tasty - the kids cleaned their plates and kept saying, 'Mom, this is soooo good!', and they were right! I can't thank you enough. I am so happy to know you and have you in my life. 12 thumbs up from this family!"   ~ Kelly Ward  - Colts Neck, NJ

Let’s Party! 
    Invite your friends over for an evening of good food and fun! Lisa especially enjoys food demonstration house parties. You will choose an appropriate menu together, and Lisa will provide recipes for all of your guests, along with a food preparation demonstration and multiple healthy eating tips along the way! Guests are free to ask as many questions as they like and try samples of all the delicious food that will be prepared in front of them.
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