Healthier You

My Story

My journey to becoming the "healthiest me" I can be...

Where it all started...

    I was a sophmore in college when I discovered a book that changed my entire life. I had just received my Associate's Degree in Italian Education and was planning to continue on in that field and become a high school teacher. Although I still love the language and preparing delicious Italian meals, my life's path was meant to change. 
    I'll never forget the day when I was walking around in a book shop in Nashville, Tennessee, and my eyes caught the title, What Would Jesus Eat? by Dr. Don Colbert. I immediately picked it up, started thumbing through the pages and thought to myself, You've gotta be CRAZY to eat this way!  Never the less, I was totally intrigued by it and purchased the book anyway.
    Well, that day was the last day I ever ate white flour or white sugar again. I read the book front cover to back in one night, soaking up everything I could about what it meant to be truly healthy.  It wasn't about counting calories, eating low-fat or low-carb, or depriving was about eating and preparing whole, nutritious foods that our bodies can thrive on! Although my current philosophies have grown and shifted, Dr. Colbert laid the groundwork for me. He introduced me to a holistic lifestyle which taught me to look at ingredient integrity, rather than RDA numbers or fat grams on a label. I became so passionate about what I was discovering that I decided to spend my life helping others learn this treasured information. I changed my degree field, went on to earn my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Holistic Nutrition, and have been striving to help others ever since.


Why raw foods?

As I went through school, I was taught about countless dietary mentalities and eating modalities for therapeutic healing. I decided that as a practitioner, I would not want to suggest an eating regimen to a potential client that I had not previously tried myself. I believed that it was integral to have a handle on what a client may experince when working with me. With that in mind, I made the decision to try each dietary mentality, as I learned about it, for a period of three months to assess my personal struggles, triumphs, and results. The list of experiments is a long one, including vegetarianism, veganism, Ayurveda, macrobiotics, dairy-free eating, gluten-free eating, calorie-restriction, therapeutic fasting, and 100% raw foods.
    I admittedly saved raw foods for last, assuming that it would be the most challenging for me. Boy, was I ever wrong! I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was only three weeks into eating an all raw diet, feeling better than I ever had in my life, when I said to myself, I am never eating cooked food again!  That was five years ago...and I never have. 
    This lifestyle truly works for me. Of ALL the eating methods I had tried, only this one rendered the amazing results I was hoping for. My list of healing miracles is still growing, and includes effortless weight loss and stability, significantly improved vision, no more sinusitis, no more eczema, and sustained energy that is THROUGH THE ROOF!  It makes perfect sense. I'm eating foods in the purest form possible, which is exactly how God put them here for us to enjoy. No need to weed through dietary advice any longer...I just eat fresh foods to my heart's content and continue to experience the tremendous benefits of vibrant living every single day.

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