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Healthier You offers a wide array of services, catering to individuals, families, groups, and businesses. Click on a service to learn more about it!

        Nutritional Consulting
One-one-one consultations in the privacy of your own home! 
Lisa's services include:
 consultations, dietary evaluation, supermarket walk-throughs, kitchen re-stock, meal-planning, nutrition education, cooking lessons,  and recipe introduction.

      Public Speaking/Seminars
Lisa has been hired to give wellness seminars and healthy food demonstrations at many local and out-of-state venues. With the ability to cover a vast range of nutritional topics, there is something truly worthwhile for any small business, large company, church, or community group.

        Holistic Food Preparation
Personal meal preparation services (in-home or delivery), as well as healthy dinner party demonstrations are available!  Choose from a wide variety of delicious and nutritious dishes! 

        Raw Foods Meal Delivery
Lisa has been eating a 100% raw diet for over five years. Her own success story is a true testament to the value of eating more fresh, living foods! Order a week's worth of delicious, innovative raw foods meals and experience the amazing benefits for yourself!    

        Nutrition/Wellness Writing
Lisa is a Staff Writer for Purely Delicious Magazine and the primary writer & editor for Shear Miracles Organic Product Line. She also does freelance writing & editing work for other various nutritional and wellness publications. Contact her today to write for your publication, website, blog, or business.

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